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Concept Art

Traditional drawings, graphite, coloured pencils, or digital art with Adobe Photoshop.

Motion Graphics

16:9 and 360 motion graphics for your videos with Adobe After Effects


Rough or coloured storyboards to bring your script to life.


Add visual effects to enhance your videos and create opening and closing credits.

Poster Design

Eye-catching posters for your business, project, game, film or book.

Matte Painting

Matte paintings will bring your environment to life, extending the world you wish to create.


The Mighty Compass. One defined direction, a number of possibilities.

Through the Mighty Compass, Marjolaine Lebrasseur strives to offer a number of valuable, high quality services. With a background in design for the entertainment industry, film and TV, and experience in VR, the services provided are broad and include 2D concept art, sketches, storyboards, drafting, digital paintings, matte paintings, motion graphics and GFX. Marjolaine is committed to metamorphose an idea into a finished, viable product.